Consulting & Solution Implementation

Effective implementation of the business solutions aiming profitability and added value for the client as well as decrease of revenue leakage.    
Cloud computing
Safe use of dedicated applications

  • Application development based on client needs
  • Monitoring of the safety/security processes
/ software

  • Dedicated applications
  • Mobile solutions
  • Open-source
  • Integration
Audit of:

  • Business processes audit,
  • Safety/security audit.
  • Audyt bezpieczeĹ„stwa,
  • IT infrastructure audit,
  • Data recourses audit   


  • Optimization of business processes
  • Safety/security of information
  • Analysis of  needs and software recomendation,
  • Information management, information systems architecture

  • Dedicated applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Implementation supervision

data line
     business driver